Dattatreya S Vellal

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For conversations, I am reachable at dsvellal@gmail.com


I am Datta, a dedicated Digital Transformation Coach at Philips. I specialize in guiding individuals, teams, businesses, and organizations to become software savvy, data-driven, and customer-centric throughout the software life cycle management process, one step at a time.

You will find information about my diverse skill set, tech artifacts, professional journey, social and professional initiatives, awards, recognitions, appreciation, and public references pertaining to my work on the pages of the website.

Engaging in extensive conversations about concepts and their practical applications is something I truly enjoy. I have a particular interest in exploring the integration of psychology into spiritual exploration, leveraging yoga principles for improved mental health, and drawing parallels between Indian epics and our contemporary lives to derive valuable insights. Furthermore, I can discuss at length the exciting activities and sites my wife and I have discovered for our toddlers, as we strive to provide them with engaging experiences. I take pride in acknowledging my wife's significant contributions in this endeavor.

While I used to actively maintain blogs, my focus now lies on meaningful conversations. During my leisure time, I cherish moments spent with my family, delve into the world of Indian Epics, and derive joy from sharing captivating stories.

Feel free to engage in enlightening discussions or explore further details about my journey and interests.