01202010 - ... now it makes sense!

This was a poem i wrote when i was in college. It makes perfect sense now.. Thought of posting it :)

I call it - A Ray Of HOPE

Distant voices tell me, that i should carry on

I still wonder - am i floating on the ocean all alone?

They say you never leave people who trust you,

But i am perplexed, tell me, is it true?

I have traveled long and now i am tired

Thinking about the countless days that i have alone cried

I still seek that comfort that you once promised me

I am waiting, waiting, and still wait for that something special from thee

A tear of helplessness sneaks out of my eye

When i see people who need me - need me dire

And i cannot do anything about it

A tear of sadness rushes out of my eye

When i see a hungry baby cry

And i cannot do anything about it

A tear of ruth comes out of my eye

When i see ignorant people searching for a truth in a lie

And i cant do anything about it

Soo much have i seen in life, i ask

I ask, is this how you reward the people who care about you?

And then the voice said - its hard to be a heart broken

But you cannot gain something unless you lose some

For in desperation I teach you to be Humble

For in hunger I teach you to be Patient

For in ignorance I teach you TO Forget AND Forgive

Everything that is done by me has a meaning

And it is you who should always be seeking

LIFE is not something that has been given to end

Call for me and i shall come to you as your friend

Though you are weak, though you are sad

Never lose the hope you have always had

For every day, every time you seek me

I shall always be there for you

Surrender thyself at my feet

And then see what I have for you as a treat

Knowing all i look back

And sometimes wonder was i on the right track?

I think i understand its meaning,

Life is all about how you can be useful to others

And not the the other way round

For its only in giving that you can take

And its only in happiness that you can forget the sorrows

And its only in divinity that you can become one with the divine

And with this union, it is you who can be