04292009 - An atheist v/s a believer

I had structured a reply to my previous post but a thought more intense, provoked me to write this.

I have been listening to lectures on Mahabharatha and Bhagavadgeetha by Dr. K S Narayanacharya. When i woke up today morning, i had a strange thought, and i am putting that in front of you.

Point 1 -

A Believer, believes that there is an external entity that controls the happenings in this world ( aka. GOD )

An Atheist does not believe in any such existence ( There is  NO GOD ). He believes in himself ( Ideal case !! )

Point 2 -

A Believer says, there is an infinite energy and i derive my energy from that source.

An Atheist says, i derive my energy from within ( put in other words - I am the energy ! )

But of late, i saw a third point, which changed my perspective.

Point 3 -

A Believer says - everything i do is an inspiration from HIM. I surrender my actions and results to him.

An Atheist says - I am self inspired. [ Please do not take the literary sense, and argue that, even an atheist gets inspired by nature, events happening around him etc. etc.. try to grab the bigger picture ]

Point 3 is a very beautiful point, which has two different paths for spiritual elevation.

For a Believer - the path can be explained via the Dwaita philosophy

For an Atheist - the path can be explained via the Advaita philosophy

Dwaita preaches selflessness ( you surrender everything to a higher consciousness ) and Advaita preaches self-realization. Ultimately everyone attains a higher state of mind 

- with the awareness of the path being travelled, aka Dwaita, aka. path travelled by a believer.

- without the awareness of the path being travelled, aka the path of an atheist.

So, what about agnostic people ?? 

They ( everyone included ) can attain a higher state of mind through - Karma Yoga

I am a believer.

At this moment of time, i still believe in Dwaita, but hopefully, one day, i will understand and realize Advaita. Nevertheless, i am happy traveling any path that leads to my enhancement ( spiritual / otherwise :) )

What do you think ?? 

Will talk about my understandings on "Higher State of Mind" soon :)