04092009 - ... and why would she say that ?

At 9pm today, i was in a shop called "More", picking up a bar of Cadbury's Almond treat. I was waiting in the queue, to pay for what was in my hand. In front of me was a lady, in her 30's. Her dress indicated that she had just finished her evening exercise.

She turned and looked at me.

I looked at her.

She smiled.

I smiled back.

She waved her hand indicating me to go front.

I did not respond. But i confess, i was a bit confused ( not enough to show it ! )

She waved the groceries she was carrying.

My eyes widened, forehead creased, my face now was clearly asking her a silent question - What ?

She looked down.

It took her a minute to realize that i was not a More employee!!! ( She actually wanted me to assist her in getting all her items billed !! )


She looked back, and said - ( Read this carefully, she actually said this to me, and i appreciate her guts!  )

"You should not wear the badge inside the shop"

I was confused. What is this lady uttering ?

My face asked the same question, perhaps my ears were not attentive enough.

At this moment, i think ( please note, i **think** ) she was embarrassed, because, she kinda swalloed a few words, but the reply did not change.

I gave her a gentle smile ( and that did the trick! )

She then asked the guy at the counter to bill her things up, and hurried away. 

I was wearing a formal dress ( which i don't generally ), a tired face, a chocolate in my hand, and she wanted me to.. hmm.. how do i put it.. do-my-job :-)

Well, while walking back to my home, i realized something..

The response that she gave - You should not wear the badge inside the shop.

From her response, i kinda came to a conclusion that, she never, not even for a single moment, thought that she might be wrong. The lady just assumed that i was the defaulter!

I remembered a quote from the newspaper -

I give advice to others, because i do not need it !!

Well, i am tempted to dig into this situation and come up with my conclusions on why that "smart" lady responded like that, but, i will leave that to you.

Tell me, why do you think she gave me that response ??

PS - i will post my response soon :-)

Oh, btw.. Lady, if you are reading this ( one in a million chance, but i do not want to miss this! ) .. look at yourself before looking at others!! ( and i do not mean this in the literal sense! ) ..

Phew!! My ego is now satisfied :-)