12282009 - The Alchemist - Deciphered!

I was doing some random thinking when THIS struck me!

When you really yearn to achieve something, not just “You”, but the entire “Universe” conspires in helping you achieve it

A whole new dimension opened up for this statement from the book - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.. and i am keeping that new dimension in front of you.

Pulling threads from my life - I am a very good *copier* (forgive me for the crude usage) of actions..

let me quote a few examples -

* Since my schooling days, i do not have a *trademark handwriting* it keeps varying based on the handwritings i like most (of others of course.. ), Sometimes its difficult to reproduce my own signature!  (but i forge it anyways ;-) ).. erm do you face the same problem ?? 

* My method of interacting with people - Its not entirely my own - its a mixture of subtle points picked up while having conversations with influential# people (# People who have left their mark in my life)

So, why am i quoting all these, and what is the meaning of - "the entire "Universe" (in quotes - please note!) conspires in helping you achieve it

The answer is surprisingly simple !! - and to arrive at the answer the following argument needs to be observed closely.

The important points to note - in the behavior stated above is -

1. I liked *something* in someone

2. I wanted that *something* in me

3. I got that *something*

The process was initiated in my subconscious mind as soon as - I wanted that *something* in me, this is what is called - SANKALPA

(Please note - *something* here is just a place holder, you can substitute it for anything under the sun!)

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad quotes the following - Sankalpa Yoga - "You are what your deep driving desire is, as your desire is, so is your will; as your will is, so is your deed, as your deed is, so is your destiny."  .

This process facilitated the physiological and psychological changes in me to make that *something* an integral part of me.

Now, when we talk about the Universe(The Alchemist - Quote) it is not just the external Universe, but most of it is - The Internal Universe

What do i mean by "The Internal Universe" ?

Psychologically speaking, there is a whole new world within us - which is - in a way similar yet a whole lot different from the world around us! Eg: The internal mind conflicts that we have, behaviors, habits, the way mind thinks etc. all of this which is within *me* constitutes the Internal Universe (i have only listed a few insignificant factors, but i am sure you got my point)

Now for the Eureka moment i had (and the reason for this blog!)

Reiterating the quote with a little modification -

When you really yearn to achieve something, not just “You”, but the entire “Universe (which is both external and internal)” conspires in helping you achieve it - made more sense to me!!

In closing -

Whenever we chant the Shanti Mantra - OM Shantihi, Shantihi, Shantihi - have you ever wondered why we chant "Shantihi" three times ? 

The first Shanti - is requesting peace for the "Adi Bhautika Prapancha" which is  the Physical world

The second Shanti - is requesting peace for the "Adi Daivika Prapancha" which is  the Cosmic world

The third Shanti - is requesting peace for the "Aadhyatmika Prapancha" which is  the Inner Universe!!

It really amazes me how our ancestors had woven such a wonderful concept into such a simple mantra!

To everyone who is in unison with my thoughts - Welcome to the world of Aadhyatma.

OM Shantihi, Shantihi, Shantihi :)