2021-03-11 - Philips, PIC Annual Awards 2020- Team up to win

A BIG thank you for going beyond your own defined goals and coming together to make a difference for PIC. This reward is in recognition of your efforts to ensure we put in a robust steps to have the best in class talent fit for our transformation journey.

2021-02-24 - Philips, Outstanding Technical Achievement Award - Eager to inspire & Team up to win

The Outstanding Achievement Award is Philips global prestigious award given to candidates who have achieved exceptional results, demonstrating role model behaviour in the Philips' behaviours, namely: Customer first, Quality and integrity always, Team up to win, Take ownership to deliver fast, Eager to improve and inspire.

The award was presented to me for showing outstanding behaviours on two separate occassions in 2020:

  1. Inspiring the quality and regulatory compliance officers who are non-technical, to pick up coding skills and understand the processes involved in producing a software asset. This helped them to understand their products better, and proactively work with architects and managers to fulfil the quality and regulatory compliances during the release, as compared to the same steps taking about 30 - 60 days after the verification & validation cycles.

  2. Teaming up with the global cross-functional teams to roll-out a hiring framework for software engineers, which is data-driven, interviewer friendly and adopts quantiative analysis techniques to hire for Philips. The framework was also quoted in an harvard business review, as part of ground breaking ways companies are adopting hiring processes:

2020-06-26 - Philips, Manager Recognition - Eager to improve & inspire

Thanks to your significant contribution to the Bar Raisers initiative with a clear mindset of eager to improve and inspire, our existing processes and approach. Your pragmatic approach in trying to balance between ‘Ideal vs Practical’ by keeping the best interests of Philips Organization is well recognized. This has helped in defining a way forward for ‘intake’ of best resources for our Philips organization. The way of working defined in PIC for this bar raisers program is taking roots globally.

2020-01-03 - Philips, Manager Recognition - Team up to win

Thank you for your collaboration and team work in making the .craft program evaluation a great success in 2019!

2019-07-24 - Philips, Manager Recognition - Team up to win

Thank you for your good contributions in "Moving the needle" on Code Quality , resulting in cultural changes across the businesses in PIC.

2019-05-15 - Philips, Manager Recognition - Eager to improve and inspire

For proactively pitching in and presenting the interview tips for DXR team members

2018-11 - Amazon, TRMS Spot Award

For contributions to team process improvements

2018-10 - Amazon, TRMS Zeus Award

For exceptional work related to project delivery

2015-06-19 - Exeter, Texeter Thought Leader

On successful completion of one year of Texeter's phenomenal journey, we, at Exeter Software India Pvt Ltd, would like to recognize, "Texeter Thought Leader", Datta, for his hard work and passion shown towards making Texeter and its many facets happen. We sincerely thank him for his contributions, for a continued support in helping Texeter grow to greater heights and wish him all the best.

2012-09 - IBM, Eminence and Excellence Award

For his outstanding contributions towards his project

2011-2012 - Toastmasters International, Club awards for Best Speaker, Best Evaluator, Best Table Topic Speaker

Recognized for being the best speaker/evaluator/table-topic speaker for toastmasters international, club meetings

2010-12-28 - IBM, First Patent Award

IBM presents to Dattatreya S Vellal a first patent application invention achievement award for Determining and conveying user availability

2010-10 - IBM, Regional Technical Leadership Excellence Award

Recognition at the "Regional Technical Leadership Exchange program 2010" as the most influential member of "IBM Technical Experts Council - India"

2009-10-27 - IBM, Bravo Award

For his personal dedication and splendid efforts in organizing first Lotus knows event

2009-10-27 - IBM, Bravo Award

For his amazing passion and dedication towards innovation, tech vitality and organizing HackDay6, HackDay7, WW Bluehouse Hackday, Lotus knows event, Manyata Fun Day.

2008-06 - IBM, Bravo Award

For leadership shown in successfully completing the internship project on "Visual Composition Editor for generating composite services", where he demonstrated ability to lead complex activities end-to-end, way early in his career