08052007 - Now or later??

This story is flicked from panchatantra, a book written by Vishnu Sharma, it has many stories which revolve around the five tantras ( which is why the name .. pancha  tantra  :P ) .. Mitrabhed, Mitrasamprapti, sandhi, vigraham and Apareekshitkarakam ,  the five techniques used in raaja neethi ( political science ). Anyways, the story goes like this ..

A farmer buys a piece of land for cultivation. The land being left uncultivated for many years, had become shelter for many animals and birds which made their homes on the trees and bushes growing in that land. All the animals there had this gift, they could understand the human language. Among the animals there, a wise owl made its shelter on one of the tall trees growing there. when the animals come to know that a farmer had bought this land, they go to the owl.. to ask for his counsel, whether to vacate this shelter or to stay, and the owl says " dont panic, let us not take any hasty decisions right now. we will wait for his next move. i want you guys to spy on him and tell me what he is talking about. depending on that we will make our move. " Everyone agrees..

The first day , the farmer goes to his son and says, " Son, there are too many unwanted tress and bushes growing in our land. Let us take the help of the villagers to get it removed and then we can start our cultivation "

Son replies " ok father, let me go and ask the villagers for help "

A little squirrel listens to this and hurries back to the owl to tell him this news. the owl replies " Dont worry son, we dont have to think about moving for a while now.. " . the squirrel is confused and asks " but arent they going to destroy our homes ?? " .. to which the owl replies.. " no.. i dont think its going to happen.. so stop worrying "

A week passes by and nothing happens.. then the disappointed farmer approaches his son and says " son, it was foolish of us to trust them( the villagers)  to help us out in our work.. no one came to do our work.. so now.. let us approach our relatives.. i am sure they are going to understand our problem and help us out in our work "

son replies " ok father, i shall ask our relatives in the neighbouring village to help us out "

This time a crow listening to their conversation while having its food, flies quickly to the owl and says " they are now asking for the help of their relatives to get all our homes removed.. what shall we do ?? i am worried that our homes will be destroyed this time for sure !! "

owl replies, " dont worry, go home safely, nothing is going to happen !! "

the crow is confused, but not being able to protest the counsel of the wise owl, he returns happy but confused ..

A week passes and nothing happens.. all the animals are happy and surprised at the owls ability to guess the human behavior to such a level of accuracy..

This time, the dejected father goes to his son and says.. " son, it was foolish for us to trust our relatives to help us out.. we shall only start early tomorrow and do our unfinished business.. "

a rat listening to this reports this to the owl.. the owl summons all the animals and says, " my dear fellow animals.. its time that we pack our bags and leave this home to find another one.. "

Every one is perplexed.. a rabbit summons courage and asks, " but why ?? all this time.. you were saying that we need not worry, when the farmer tried to take help from others to clear the land.. but now.. when he alone is planning to do it.. why do you fear this decision of his ?? "

the owl replies, " no one is ready to do your work..right ??  all this time, the farmer was depending on his fellow villagers .. or his relatives to do his work.. but now, he has realized the flaw and he is going to start his work tomorrow.. without anyones help..  so its better we start packing !!  "

Moral - Self help is the best help :)