07222007 - The story of footsteps..

Long time ago, there was a devotee. His devotion was unquestionable. Everybody respected him. As time passed by, he aged, his love for GOD didn't, finally he departed this mortal world and was taken to heaven. There he met GOD, and as a token of his devotion to GOD, GOD showed him the paths that the devotee had treaded in his life. In most of the places, he saw two pairs of footsteps, One was his and the other was GODs. The devotee was very happy to know that all along his life, GOD was walking beside him. But at some places he saw only one pair of footstep. These were times of his life where he faced difficulties, misery and pain. He was really disappointed. He always prayed to GOD everyday with pure heart. His devotion was out of love and nothing else. He was under the impression that GOD was always with him.. no matter whether it was his happy days or sad ones. But when he saw only one pair of footstep, he heart was shattered. Not able to control his disappointment, he asked GOD..

" GOD, i thought you walked along my side throughout my life. I believed in you. Yet, at times when i needed you most, you deserted me. I see only one pair of footstep. Tell me GOD.. where did i go wrong ?? "

To this GOD replied.. " fool, the single pair of footstep that you see is mine.. during the time of your distress.. i was carrying you in my arms.. that is why you see only one pair of footstep "

It always brings a sense of comfort to know that someone is always with you no matter what you are going through.. and from that you can derive strength :)