04282008 - Fashion conscious !! - naaa..

Yep, summer is here.. ( well.. come to think of it.. the mercury started rising long time back, but i guess the depletion of o3 ( ozone ) is to be blamed.. anyways.. thats another blog material )

The reason i am writing this, is to share a really funny incident..

So i get this really cool electric shaver as a gift.. and when i get something new.. i kinda tend to experiment with it a lot.. and sometimes things go wrong ( i guess its just the gadget's way of saying.. dude, i control things.. not you !! ) and i have paid the price. :) .. but anyways.. so, this cool new electric shaver.. my  2 days beard, un-cut hair and the manual which says, the shaver can cut even the slightest length of hair.. woohoo.. time for mr. einstein to shine !!

day 1 - i charge it up to the max.. its this tendency in me, to use things right away.. i dont like to wait, to use things.. if i go buy a cell phone, i want it's battery to be charged, so that i can insert my sim and start using it right away.. if i have to wait for it to charge, and then use it, i kinda tend to lose my enthu !! .. so the numero uno day was a total bummer.. but still the enthu is high.. new shaver machaa !!!

day 2 - hellooooo mysore.. no time to shave, got up at 5, caught a bus at 5.30 am, .. slept my way to mysore :) .. the entire day, i was in this summer camp teaching kids some aasanas in the morning, and attending sessions afterwards.. hmm.. TIME has played its game very cleverly.. no shave on day two, my beard is 3 days old !! ( damn you TIME !! )

day 3 - camp... no time.. beard - 4 days old..

day 4 - camp again.. no time.. beard 5 days old..

day 5 - shaver charged.. me back to bangalore, but alas.. monday.. had to go to office early.. so i use my regular shaving blade, for a quick shave, just to tidy up my 5 day beard.. so that i dont look like an idiot in office :)

day 5 evening - aah.. yes.. finally.. its time to switch off my logic button and switch on my shaver !!

yep, i spend like 20mins, trying to give my self a new summer look.. all the reading about  fashion statements that bangalore times regularly feeds its readers with, has finally paid off..

day 6 - the "new look" me climbs the office bus .. there is this thing about ppl in my bus, all of them mind their own business.. there is very little interaction b/w commuters of the same bus.. even though we have been traveling in the bus for about an year !!! .. but.. to break this tendency, we ( me and a bunch of others.. ) have formed the "balcony seat group" .. typically a bunch of ppl, who love to sit in the last few rows of the bus and indulge ourselves in meaningless conversations, starting from DLF cricket matches to the stock market crashing to income tax calculations.. you name it, we have got it.. sometimes.. i have amazed my team members, by my knowledge about the current events.. and i have never given its credit to our meaningless conversations.. haha.. anyways.. coming back..

so i board my bus, walk directly to my fav. spot, the last seat of the last row.. by the time i reach my seat, few of my fellow mates are ready with their comments.. i was kinda prepared for this.. so i was just waiting for them to set the ground..

" En saar, eno change kaanastha ide " ( Sir, you are looking different ? ) ..

" Hun saar, summer lookku.. hengide ?? " ( yes sir, my new summer look, how is it ? )

" super aagi ide saar !! ) ( its wonderful ) .. i see a few girns.. but thats ok.. i guess..

( YES.. einstein 1 , TIME 0 )

the "new look" me, enters office ..

i walk directly to my friends cabin, he is busy checking mails.. i stand beside him.. and give him a clue about my arrival..

" so, en macha, hengittu weekend " ( so whats up dude, how was ur weekend ?? )

" en special illa macha.. " ( nothing special dude ) .. he is still not looking at me.. hmm.. perhaps i should try a different approach to get noticed..

" so nange enaadru scraps bandidya orkut nalli ?? " ( has anyone scrapped me on orkut ? ) ..

" neene nodko macha.. togo TP ( TP == think pad == ibm's laptop ) na " ( why dont you look it up yourself, here, take my TP ) ..

he pushes his TP towards me.. and this time, he notices.. ** yes **

" lo macha.. en idu !! " ( dude, what is this ? )

" summer look maga.. hengide ?? " ( my new summer look.. how is it ?? )

" haha.. charm kalkondbityallo macha !! " ( haha.. you have lost your charm dude !! )

hmm.. che.. dissappointing.. einstein 1 , TIME - 1 .. anyways.. i am not disheartened by his comment, i am banking on few other ppl !!

lunch time -

our team generally goes for lunch together, so we are all sitting at this table.. one of my team member starts the conversation..

" datta.. you are looking different today.. "

" really ? you noticed ?? .. thanks "

" yeah.. i noticed, but i really cant pin point the change.. " ( she is dragging this too long !!.. i cant take this anymore !! i am becoming too conscious about myself.. its better if i get this out of my system !! )

" hmm.. perhaps you should ask sujit " ( sujit is this guy who gave me his TP to check my orkut scraps !! )

sujit - " le avanu meese shave maadbittidane  !! " ( girl, he has shaved his moustache !! )

" haha ( she winks at sujit ).. datta you look quite young !! and much better now !! " ( what the fish !! )

anyways.. that comment, kinda satisfied the einstein in me, coz we finally won against time.. 2 - 1 .. yaay !!

so, after lunch, ppl kinda got accustomed to my look, and they didnt comment much.. but i was having this conversation with my other friend over chat.. and i told that friend, that i was sporting a new look, the conversation got very very humorous, to say the least.. haha..

so.. this summer, i am sporting a new look ..

try and imagine me without moustache.. will be posting a pic soon :-)