07112007 - A story

I just remembered a beautiful story.. and thought of sharing it..

One stormy night, all the stones in a temple come to life.. and start talking amongst themselves..

One stepping stone strikes a conversation with another.. "Our sculptor is partial, he made us into a stepping stone, but he made that stone ( pointing to the idol ) into a beautiful idol. "

The other replies, " true, people step on us, but they worship him.. its not fair.. we all come from the same rock.. then why this difference ?? "

Silently listening to this conversation, the idol replies, "When the sculptor was beating us, to shape us, you cracked up, coz you couldn't bear the pain, but i, i patiently tolerated every beating he gave me, without complaining, i endured the pain without a word, i didn't lose hope, my belief in him didn't waver even for a single moment.. i kept reminding myself that.. whatever happened.. happened for good.. so.. i ended up becoming an idol.. where as you guys.. who complained and gave up easily ended up becoming stepping stones !! "

My yoga teacher once said.. the sculptor here is none other than GOD, and all the problems or sufferings are the beatings to shape us into a better human beings.. if we do not learn to tolerate these.. then we will end up being a stepping stone.. but if we are able to tolerate it, not lose hope, and still manage to smile and endure the pain, we end up becoming the idol..

Now i know there are countless no. of stories like this.. but it only takes one to change your way of viewing life.. doesn't it ? .. but let me tell you.. to talk is one thing, but to implement is another..

Well this one has definitely changed mine..